I've been a Christian for the past 30 years, but only at the end of those years of being " Christian," realized: I was not born again.

This shocking realization is a big part of my testimony. From Sunday masses, to Evangelical meetings, to witchcrafts, white magic, "macumba", to New Age, to nothing. There is a point when you really get weary of looking for something real and everlasting. I was in the middle of great depression and despair.

In the year of 1998, both my parents died, my boyfriend left me, and the only thing that was going very well was my career, but even that could not rescue me from that ocean of hopelessness and emptiness. On top of that, my two youngest brother and sister came to live with me. This messed up woman became their tutor.

What I did not know was that God was setting everything up for the most amazing season of my life. I call that season my "revelation" season. Incredible how God loves broken pieces. I was ruined. All the religions could not help me, and I had given up on all of them. I was dead. My only hope was to be born again and embrace a new life, a new spirit, a new heart. That was when I was birthed again.

I found the cross and the cross found me! Out of the worse season of my life, something really beautiful came: me in Christ! A new life was breathed in me. My eyes were open. My mind renewed. Truth started setting me free from all my twisted beliefs. Not only my very own sin but religion also had damned me. The World and not even religion were working for me but against me. Then He took me to the narrow path...Just me and Him!

For six years my house was filled with the very presence of God. I was immersed into His very being. Dreams. Visions. One day, during a time of fellowship in my house, the Shekinah glory filled the room and stayed right there. Like Job, I knew Him by hearing, by the preaching of my pastor, by the reading, but my eyes had never seen Him. He is so beautiful. So real. My brothers and I would experience the God of my beliefs! The one that I always heard and talked about, but never really got to know Him. The real God. The real Holy Spirit. The real Jesus. What a revelation was granted to me!

Then, one day, at the end of 2005, like Abraham, God told me: "Leave everything behind."

Then in November 2005, I came to the USA, married a man called Shane W Roessiger, adopted a precious girl called Isabelle, and joined to another family called H.O.T. House of Truth.It has been a long journey as a daughter, a wife, a mother, a missionary, but I am still seeking to know Him fully. I am still seeking for more Truth. Truth not only for myself but for many others that have been bound by the same lies. The bride is getting to know Him, the true Bridegroom King, and is getting to know herself as beautiful. She is coming out of the prison. Truth is walking her down the aisle. As for me, there is no greater joy than to see God's children walking in Truth.

This search is endless. The more you find, the more has to be discovered...And I live my days being provoked not only by God but by my own husband: " Come up higher, daughter, come up higher..." I hear them saying it to me...

Marlene Roessiger

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