“For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.” 1 Corinthians 13:9-10

We know that Paul was talking about Jesus and seeing Him face to face but for now we know in part. We know in part, we have a part, and when the parts come together, we start to have every part of His fullness. The world is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God, but the Church is also waiting and growing towards the full stature of Christ and the unity of the faith, and until we all come unto the knowledge of the Son of God unto a perfect man. God wants us to have every part of Him. He wants us to know every part of Him. All of His ways, all of His mind, all of His heart. And each one has been given a part of Himself. 

Each one of us has been given a part so that they can give their part. Everyone has a part to give but we need every part. We cannot have the full stature and every part of Christ until we start to receive from every part in the body of Christ. God has given gifts unto men. And He has also given revelation unto men, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, and each is distributed according to the measure that God has dealt to each man, a measure of faith and grace according to their giftings and ministry to the saints. 

God has dealt to every man a measure of Himself, but the full measure of Christ is when every man brings their measure and lays it at the feet of His body that we would all partake of one measure, the full measure of Christ. Every joint supplying, fitly joined together, not one part lacking as every gift gives its part and we all receive from every joint that we may not miss one part of Christ. The Apostle has the foundation part; the Prophet has the prophetic part; the Teacher has the structural part; the Pastor has the Sheep Gate, and the Evangelist has the Fish Gate. And there are other parts. Everyone has a part. When one part is missing then the whole body is lacking. If you have a puzzle with one piece missing, it throws off the whole puzzle. If the body is missing a toe, the body limps. The most uncomely part must be given more abundant honor that it may become more comely for Christ's sake and for our sake that we all may not be missing the nutrients from even the most feeble part in the body. The blood and the water of the Word need to flow to every part and bring circulation to the whole body so that the whole body would be brought into the unity of the faith by the bond of peace. We must love one another as Christ loved us, that there would be no schism, that the body would not be divided against itself but fully assembled for the sake of every other part involved that we would not miss any part of Christ.

The fullness of God is in your brothers and sisters and partly in you, so if we do not submit to one another in the fear of God when each one is carried away by the Holy Spirit, the one who operates the gifts, we start to disqualify ourself from receiving the fullness of His divine nature because we cannot get it all on our own or through one part or gifting. We need every part because we are just a part and we only see and know in part! You see a part and you know a part but your brother sees another part and knows another part and when we bring those parts together, we start to have perfection, Christ unto a perfect man and image! This is why we cannot neglect any part of the body because we need it to have all of Him. There is order in the house of God. This is why Paul said 1st Apostles, 2nd Prophets, then Teachers, and so on and so forth. If the prophet never submits to the apostle, the prophet has no foundation to stand on. The apostles and prophets bring the foundation, but if the prophet says I have no need of the other, there’s only half a foundation. We must receive from every part, even the ones we don’t like. Even those that have His guts and bowels. Teachers can’t build a structure if there’s no foundation to build on. This is why there’s order in the house of God. The roofers of a house don’t come first to lay roof down because the house is not built yet. First the foundation then every other gifting builds in order and submission to one another. Every part supplies and builds in order from Christ the head down. That the chief cornerstone, Christ, the Chief Apostle, the Wise Master Builder, may build His house. Unless the Lord builds the house, we labor in vain! 

This goes for any gifting or part in Christ. No one gifting or part in the Body is better than the other. It is all just as needed as the other. And all must be received from just as much as the other. When we only receive from one part of the body, we only get a part of Christ. Some cry out, “God, I want all of you,” but never get all of Him because they never receive the other parts of Christ in their brothers and sisters. He will not give you all of Himself by yourself because we are one body and drink from one Spirit and are baptized into each other into one body. This is why we have need of each other because we are deep down connected to each other by one Father, by one Lord. This is why He has designed it this way that we all may be one as Christ and the Father are one.

We need to ask ourselves what our part is in the Body of Christ because we are not individuals anymore. We are body parts. The assembling of the saints is not just a meeting place for believers. It is an assembling of His body parts! He is the head of the Body, we being the rest of His body. Each one being dealt a different part in the Body. This is why we cannot forsake the assembling of the saints because if we do, we are forsaking the assembling of Jesus’s full body, His full manifestation. We are forsaking parts of Jesus, meat that we know not of because we can only get it from the fellowship of the saints, the mingling together of His body parts. His flesh, that we may eat all of His Flesh and drink all of His blood. This is the corporate body. In Latin, the word corporate derives from the word “corpus” which translates body. In Portuguese, the word corporate translates “coporative” which derives from the word “corpo” which also means “body”. Even the mysteries of Christ are revealed in our languages. We call it the corporate body of Christ not because it's a business but because it's a body! 

The corporate anointing is an anointing like no other because it is the anointing of the whole body of Christ! Not just one part of Christ but the oil from every part that we may have the whole measure of His oil! When you receive the anointing from each body part, you receive a measure of it, but when you receive it from the full body, you get the oil like the widow that encountered Elijah where her oil was pressed down, shaken together, and running over. An oil that never runs out. The full measure of Christ's anointing. It's all one anointing operating differently through different giftings but I want all of it not just parts of it! And if I want all of it, I can’t be a maverick, and I have to submit myself to every part of the body! To every gifting in the body. That I can receive every angle, every aspect, and every part of Christ. Some give the foundational principles and others give the deep depth of those principles, the mysteries of the Kingdom. Yet we cannot get all of it if we only come under the measure of anointing and word of our own gifting because we are only a part to the bigger picture, only a certain part that is to be contributed to the full measure! 

We need to stop exalting our puzzle piece, our own gifting, our own revelations, and start laying it at the feet of the body that we would no longer see in part but that we can see the full knowledge of the Son of God unto a perfect man face to face. Face to face with the fulness of His revelation. Face to face with the full counsel of His Word and the full measure of His power. The former rain was parts of God, but the latter will be the fullness of God because the full body of Christ supplies to profit withal to all, and all in all and all through all until we all come unto the full stature of Christ. Not as individuals but as a body because the full stature of Christ is the Church where the gates of hell shall not prevail, the bride without spot or wrinkle, the hearts of sons returning to their father and the father to the sons. The manifestation of the Son in sons. The children manifesting their Father. The Bride manifesting the Bridegroom. The wise master-builder building His Church in its fullness and completion. Which are His people being built unto the fullness of His image and likeness! 

Itinerary ministry and solo ministry are over. It’s time for the ministry of the body of Christ, that we all may be joined together in Spirit and in Truth in the unity of the Spirit. That the Spirit of Truth may lead us unto the fullness of truth and that which is in part may be done away with that we would see all things and know all things for life and godliness that every man and woman of God may be perfect according to His image and likeness and thoroughly furnished unto every good work. 

Your gift, your calling, your destiny is not for you. It's for the raising up of the saints. It's not for your exaltation. It’s for His, and not only for His, but that the same glory that was in Christ He has now given us, and that glory is waiting to be revealed inside of us. But not us separately, but in us who are fitly joined together, that we may be one that every part of Himself would be made one and Christ may be made whole so that His glory will cover the earth from the ends of the earth to the ends of the earth. That the world may see Him and know Him and that the world may know the spirit of adoption and that the mission God sent the Son to complete may be fulfilled which is John 3:16, that all those who believe in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 

We are helping the Bride get ready for her wedding day, but we are also helping the bride endure until the end so that she may receive her crown of victory with the lamb that was slain for her that made her a victorious warrior. That the two shall become one, the husband that loved His wife and as His own body because she is His body, and they will see each other face to face and be with each other forever and ever. That’s why we have to do our part now that we may have His fullness later. That’s why we have to receive from every part now that we may start to experience His fullness now. And when the whole body arrives, we all arrive. No one arrives anywhere on their own until the mission is complete, which is to feed His sheep and lead His sheep by the still waters until we lead them unto green pastures unto the Promised Land of His Glory. Until every believer from every tribe and every nation is ready and prepared to meet Him in the air that they would see Him face to face and be with Him for eternity forever and ever, amen. 

By Joe Pinto

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