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We see in the book of Hebrews a very strong warning for believers that we cannot let a root of bitterness spring up. It says it will defile the whole person. That means it will corrupt, poison, make sick, and destroy. This is a serious thing. Also, He says, “Do not despise the Words from above.” We cannot get offended at the Word of God. For one: He is the Word. Nor can we get offended at the one that speaks from heaven. We must hearken to the Word of God. Do not ever exalt our situation above the Word of God or exalt our will above His. Know when the Holy Spirit speaks. He is speaking straight to our need. God corrects His children because He is a good Father.

Read Hebrews 12.

Out of every situation that Jesus Christ was in came a message. Words of life, words that change us and make us new. He said, “My words are life.”

Sometimes the word is birthed for some people but they respond like the word was for somebody else. They are in this lofty cloud. Sometimes God is nailing them to the cross and they get very offended at those God is using to do so. What is worse? The one who thinks that the word is always for someone else or the one who resists and is offended at the word? I have not figured that out yet but both are wrong.

If the shoe fits, rejoice that God wants to change us. Beat your chest and ask God to change you. Don’t be bitter at the Truth, be transformed by it. If we have issues with people or one another, we will have issues with God. God told us to love our enemies. So that basically covers the entire human race.

Offense takes roots, bitterness manifests its fruits. We are the stewards of our own vessels, and we must protect and allow God to help us.

Resentment, unforgiveness, hard heart, regrets, unfulfilled dreams, wounds, accusations…if we don’t deal with it, we will become a bitter vine, not a fruitful vine.

This is how we should live: by the Word of God. Nobody will be able to justify their bitterness. 

God will point out the power of the cross, always. Look at His bloody son! Know that because of Him, we can do all things. Because of Him, we are healed. We are overcomers. We now move forward forgetting those things that are behind and being healed and set free from glory to glory.

Luke 9:15 says that we can never be fit for the kingdom when we look back. When we are always looking back, we can never look forward. God wants to protect you. That is why He tells us to do something that doesn’t make sense. Some people keep standing in the middle place never giving all, full of bitterness! We must submit all to the God that can change us all. We choose to die, to give up. We all say yes to that, but when things don’t go our way but His way we basically get bitter towards Him, people, and the world. We started kicking against the wall. So when God illuminates or shows us, we should rejoice that He loves us and will not leave us half-done or as bastards.

Read 2 Timothy 3. 

Bitterness is a sign that there is a problem in our hearts. We are a lover of ourselves. We covet what we can’t have. We fight the Truth. You can have a title as a Christian but be denying the power to transform you or to set you free. Bitterness will make you hear the Truth but won’t let you learn anything from it. Reprobate mind! You become the one that was once in and now are out! You don’t continue on the things that you have learned by the Holy Spirit. We can’t get offended at the Word or at the ones that the Word comes from or at any person. I believe offense in the Body of Christ is the biggest problem we have. We must get a handle on our emotions or they will take us to a place God never intended us to go.

Read 1 Timothy 5.

Bitterness also is produced when there is a lack of godliness. In godliness, you obtain everything that you really need. God will give you a clean, pure heart again. Fresh sight. Godliness mixed with contentment is promotion. We must have a pure heart. Period.

Read Ezekiel 18:20.

When we are born again, He will take away all the detestable things. He will give you a new heart. A new spirit inside of you. And He will remove the stony heart. And will give you a heart of flesh. A heart that can forgive, love, and forget. In that, we will keep His words. But as years go by, our hearts became stony. I remember many years ago I was rejoicing just because He wrote my name in the book of Life. But then, we start taking for granted everything He did for us. We must keep that clean, pure heart always beating. We must rely on the working power of God.

When we neglect our hearts, we are in a dangerous place. We must not stop this divine relationship and let Him search us and clean us. We are the clay. He is the potter. My job and your job is to stay on the wheel and let Him shape and mold us.

Jeremiah speaks about the potter’s house. God will cause us to hear His words. Right now, this is the potter’s house. He is speaking. Stay on the wheel. Without submission to Him and His process, your heart will stay stony and not like clay. The washing of the water of the Word makes us the clay that is moldable and flexible. The water keeps us shapeable. Let the Word wash you, don’t resist it. Imagine what He can do if we allow Him?

God will work on us, but we do not let Him. Offended at the Word, and if there is bitterness you can’t ever receive it. Without the water of the Word, the clay becomes hard or cracks! Bitterness comes in. Couples being so bitter towards one another, brothers and sisters bitter towards one another, sons and daughters bitter towards God. A little resentment spoils all. But God says we are not allowed to be bitter towards one another or towards Him.

We are supposed to bear fruits. Fruits come from the heart. But if there is a root of bitterness, we will see bitter fruits. We are not supposed to be like bitter people in the World. Why are we acting like that? Because we are not letting the Word wash us and mold us into His image.

The more messed up person that you are, the more humble you should be. But usually, it is the opposite. Bitter people are very prideful. Pride has made them bitter. Unforgiving people become bitter people, but we have the power of the cross. We who believe have the power of God. Ultimately, our bitterness comes from unbelief. Look at them in the wilderness. It was unbelief that made them bitter and looking back all the time. God destroyed them all. Bitterness birthed murmuring and complaining. We can’t change anyone, but the Word of God can. The Word goes home with you and works on you, nonstop, unless you resist. Let me do my job. I preach. You receive. Or stay bitter.

Harden not your heart! Don’t die in the wilderness! Why did they die? Because they hardened their hearts. We have to clean our hearts. Out of it will flow issues of life or bitter waters? If what is not coming out of you is death and not life, you need to take care of it. The Bible says you cannot have fresh and saltwater out of the same source. It is one or the other.

Some people have erred in their hearts and have not known His ways, or if they have known, they have resisted His ways! None of this should be part of our lives. The power of God will help you keep your heart pure. Love. Don’t take offense. Guard your heart. What gives us the spirit of murder is the heart. Cain had a bitter heart towards his own brother. Sometimes we murder people with our looks, our thoughts, and actions. God is exposing that root of bitterness. If we don’t let God pour that water of the Word into our hearts, your heart will get bitterer and bitterer! Do not harden through the deceitfulness of sin. You say, “I have a right.” I beg you, “You have no right anymore.” All our rights were nailed to the cross if you are crucified with Him.

God is saying right now: “Guard your heart, because without a pure heart, you can’t see Him. And He wants us to see Him, every day!” Some of us have no rest! When the heart is hardened, we are not in Him anymore. That is what it refers to when Paul brings up in his letter about the generation in the wilderness. It says, “They will not enter into His rest.” There is no rest for a bitter person or an impure heart.

What is stopping you from receiving your pure heart? It is your unbelief. You, too, turned into a Godly form and are denying HIM, only because of your own unbelief. If you hold our confidence until the end, you shall receive the promise.

So, today, if you TODAY, right NOW, hear His voice, harden not your heart! Or you will never, ever enter into the Promised Land! Regrets. You have said: “We should have never left this place.” “We should never have married this man.” “If I had only done this, or that…etc.” Get over it! Stop living in the past! You regret even obeying God. But you did it. Now, live it and love it!

Father, I pray that all sin of unbelief, of murmuring and complaining, whining, and victim mentality be loosed in the name of Jesus. This is all sin in God’s eyes. WE are winners and not losers. Let this word sink into our bellies, today! It does not matter what level of bitterness you are walking in. God wants us sweet incense and sweet water.

Purify my heart. We want to see Him. Every day, every hour, have Him mold and shape us until we are vessel prepared for the master’s use. Without purity, we can’t see God. If we can’t see God, we are blind and walk in darkness. There is no light in us or around us. Let every root of bitterness be plucked out of you, today, and get God in your sight again. Purity! God, mold me, shape me, and pour your water on me. I am your vessel. You are the potter, not me. Turn what is bitter into sweet…Shane Roessiger

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