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                Concerning the publishing of this book, we decided to self-publish it using Amazon, otherwise, we would have to change the cover and the content. By God’s grace and by the fear of the Lord, we will always respect and honor the vision that God has given us, and that includes never selling a book as well. For policy reasons, it has been available on Amazon, but the great thing about it is that we publish it on demand. So every time someone wants a book, we are the ones that purchase them through Amazon, gladly sending them out as a gift to the Body of Christ to those who are hungry and thirsty. There is no profit at all. If you feel the Holy Spirit leading you, please, make your donation of any amount. If not, we will gladly send it to you anyway. We just want the unchangeable not watered down TRUTH out. Jesus is coming and the Bride has to make herself ready! And the Gospel is never for sale! Buy Truth. Without money. Without cost.